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Mage Knight: Shades of Tezla Expansion Available Now

I love getting expansions for board games. I love it because you can have a game that you love, but has maybe stopped stretching your mind, challenge-wise, or perhaps you feel things have gotten a little stale. You think the game is fun and you enjoy playing, but you just wish there was ... more. Well, obviously that's what an expansion is. And for those of you that play the Mage Knight board game, Wizkids is happy to announce that their Shades of Tezla expansion set is now available.

This is the third expansion for the Mage Knight game. This set updates the game with some all-new enemies, mechanics, and adventures. Plus, there's a new PC for you to check out. Go hug some trees with Braevalar the Druid (ok, he may not actually hug trees, but all the druid players I've known have been treehuggers).

Expansion Contents

This new set contains:

* Rulebook
* 2 Faction Leader Avatars
* 5 Graveyard Tokens
* 1 Necropolis Token
* 1 Hidden Valley Token
* 32 Enemy Tokens
* 24 Faction Tokens
* 1 Faction Token Reference Card
* 1 Painted Miniature of Braevalar
* 2 Hero Cards
* 16 Basic Action Cards
* 2 Skill Description Cards
* 11 Skill Tokens
* 6 Level Tokens
* 20 Shield Tokens
* 1 Round Order Token