Mage Knight Revenge cancelled, but Mage Knight isn’t

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 9th, 2012

Mage Knight Revenge has cancelled their Kickstarter campaign. However, their final update has an interesting tidbit in it, mentioning that WizKids is looking to relaunch their original flagship game.

With that said, we’re excited to announce that our sister company, WizKids Games, will be reintroducing the physical Mage Knight tabletop game. Please be sure to follow WizKids on Twitter and Facebook or online at for status updates on the relaunch.

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  • wildger

    You must be kidding. Who will like to waste their money on Mage Knight again?

    • grimbergen

      People are still wasting money hand over fist for heroclix, so I can’t imagine that MK would be that much of a dud. My feeling on what killed it initially was the switch to 2.0 invalidating the older rules which alienated a lot of players.

      Given how strong heroclix is, there are enough people happy with the clix system and WK sculpts so I see MK being able to do well.

  • Space Ghost

    Was it pulled for lack of funding?

  • LegoRick

    This is great news. I was a backer at the $170 level (the lowest pledge that actually included physical figures), and I know that a majority of backers were concerned about that. Thankfully they put out a survey, listened to the fans, and have decided to reorganize their thoughts. Mage Knight introduced me to more ‘mature’ and ‘heavy’ table top games back in the early 00’s, and still remains one of my favorite miniatures games. I can’t wait to see it revived.

    • odinsgrandson

      It sounds like the vast majority of people were interested in the physical minis and game. I guess they didn’t actually care about the videogame as much.

      They’re pulling the plug on the kickstarter, but hoping to find more traditional investors for the videogame, and funding the miniautres game like normal (Wiz Kids shouldn’t have a problem pulling those funds together themselves).

  • kalamadea

    Their kickstarter was doomed form the start. $700k and you had to bid $175 before you even got any figures. Rediculous. Looks like they plan to self fund it, which is good, it was never my thing but I know a lot of people that got into miniature gaming because of it, and it’s always good to have more games around.