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Mage Company Taking Pre-Orders For The Cohort

One of the greatest generals throughout history was Gaius Julius Caesar. He took Rome's armies into Europe and conquered the Gauls. Well, those Legions aren't going to just muster themselves. They have to be specifically put together in order to be at their best fighting strength. It's your duty to get those legions assembled in The Cohort, a new card game from Mage Company available for pre-order now.

In the game, players draw cards from the deck, passing unwanted ones to an opponent. The object is to create 3 different Cohorts, which are made up of Praetorians, Catapults, Centurions (throw him to the floor!), Sagittarii, Equites, Legionaries, and Velites. But soldiers are known to be a rowdy bunch. Until you've got them all set and ready to go, you have to worry about the ruckus they'll be causing. Will you be the first to get the troops in order for Caesar's inspection?

Pre-orders are being taken now with the release scheduled for June 1st.