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Mage Company announces their next project, Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab

Mage Company has announced Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab.

From the announcement:

The awarded Wrong Chemistry returns once more bringing up an extraordinary expansion: Expand Your Lab for 2-5 players. The purpose of the game is well known: collect as many points as you can forming molecules based on the cards you draw. In Expand your Lab the game is different since from now on a fifth player can join the game. The new Element Cards are more tactical since they give the chance to gain more points and also use both sides of the Hex Tiles. New scientists have been added in the game and each player can use such a card up to three times during the entire game. Finally five cards remain faced up on the table known as five points cards. These cards offer you 5 points each, are more difficulty to be formed and can be claimed by any player. The game ends as soon as these cards are claimed by the players. There are of course alternative endings you will discover during the game! The campaign will be launched on Kickstarter on July 1st!

Wrong Chemistry found new exclusive distribution by Game Salute in USA, Germany, Poland, Russia, Australia and France and its distribution will begin on October since the official release of the expansion will take place in Essen Spiel 2013, in Germany. Our co-operation with Spiral Galaxy Games still hold for UK and Ireland. Hobby Games Network distributes the game in Singapore and Mainland China, Millennium covers the territory of Spain while is working step by step with the game in Italy. Finally Wrong Chemistry will be soon available on I-Pod, Android,Tablet and PC since Nomad Games (publisher of the successful Talisman in the previous platforms) develop it. A campaign will follow on KS as soon as the necessary material will be available and then the release of the game.

"We have a lot of work ahead but we are very proud for this co-operation with Nomad Games and we strongly believe in the success of the game. Beside one of our basic targets beside to bring W.C on its digital form, is to place the game in schools in several countries cause of it's funny, clever and has a lightly educational theme"