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Mage Company Announces Cesare Borgia Board Game Coming Q4 This Year

When many of us think of the Renaissance, we think of great works of art and architecture, maybe some famous pieces of sculpture. But, you know, it wasn't exactly the most peaceful time in world history, either. Various houses vied for supremacy, and many of those famous artists and sculptors were commissioned for their military minds as much as their artistic talents. The Borgias are certainly ones that had their thumb on many other houses via bribery, intrigued, and outright use of arms. And it's into this part of the Renaissance that you find yourself in Cesare Borgia, a new board game coming from Mage Company later this year.

From the announcement:

Cesare Borgia. We are in the Renaissance period in Italy. You are a hired hand of Cesare Borgia, the fearsome Commander of the Papal troops, and son of Pope Alexander VI. The Borgia clan gained power due to bribery, murder and intrigue which resulted in a lot of enemies. To keep them under the thumb, more bribery, murder and intrigue is required. All these actions are, of course, performed in the interests of the Holy Church and to protect the salvation of the poor Christian souls.

Religion is not your concern. You’re hired for the money.

MAGE Company proudly presents a new game by Frederic Moyersoen and Arno Maesen titled: Cesare Borgia a board game of skills management and determination for 2-5 players set in the Renaissance period in Italy.

Players try to perform missions in Italy and move therefore from city to city. To perform the missions, players require a mix of different skills: sabotage, theft, assassin and intrigue, represented by colored tokens. Money can be useful to acquire missing skills. Finally, to move, travel tokens are required.

In your turn, you draw 2 tiles out of a bag and place them on the corresponded grid. The purpose is to form series of similar tiles. When this is done, you can exchange the tiles for tokens. With the right tokens, you can move and perform the missions in order to gain victory points (VP).