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Magabotato Produktaward 2014 voting happening now

Magabotato is having their voting now for their 2014 Produktaward. Go and vote for your favorite game.


From the announcement:

We have created MAGABOTATO, magazine about tabletop, in 2010 and it has become a show which is well known in the German community with a function of forming opinions.

In 2013 we created the MAGABOTATO-Award which is awarded to very persuading products in each month. Now, we want to bring it to the next level. In our show No. 134 which will be on air on April 13th we’ll have one special show about the MAGABOTATO-Award 2014.

We want to point on nice products and attract interests in them which they deserve. As all the feedback we got for award was very good we think this show may be a great opportunity.

The nominees are each products out of 2013.
The community will vote for the best product. Therefore we’ll have a special section on our website
Voting will be until March 24th and the results will be presented in our show on April 13th.

The Nominees are
Megalith Games for “Godslayer“
Freebooter Miniatures for “Mystic Spirits“
Hawk Wargames for “Dropzone Commander“
Portal Games for “Neuroshima Tactics“
Battlefront Miniatures for “Feuer frei“
GCT Studios for “Bushido“