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Mafia: Vendetta Party Card Game Coming from Fantasy Flight Games

Convention season is getting toward the latter part of the year. Templecon and Adepticon feel like they were years ago. SDCC is over with. We've still got Historicon this weekend, Gen Con in a couple weeks, and Dragon*Con after that (along with a few other shows here and there). When at a convention, no matter the specific "theme" of the show, you can all but guarantee you'll be able to find a game of Werewolf going on somewhere. It's a very popular game, as it's easy to teach, easy to play, and involves a whole group of people. Those of you that have get-togethers with friends might play it, too. Well, Fantasy Flight Games has just announced Mafia: Vendetta, their new version of the classic game.


More than just a simple reskin, the game includes various roles for the different mobsters to take. You could be a simple Thug all the way up to the Godfather, himself. And FFG has included a couple alternative ways to play as well. Sure, the "regular" mob may be bad enough, but what about when the Yakuza also descend upon the town? The Yakuza are looking to become the most powerful gang in the town, and the townspeople are caught in the crossfire. There's also the Loner Mode where it's one player against the rest (secretly, of course) in a bid to not be killed.

Expect Mafia: Vendetta in store shelves Q3 of 2015... which means just about any time now.