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Maelstrom to release BaneLords

Brunchaath the Vile, Tain of the GabraxMaelstrom Games will soon be adding a series of fantasy figures called the BaneLords. From their announcement:
The BaneLords are soon to join the BaneBeasts within the BaneLegions range. That’s a lot of Bane. A collection of 30mm scale fantasy miniatures designed for wargamers and collectors alike – characters, generals, battle standard-bearers, warlocks, wizards and commanders, whatever takes our fancy really – will take their allotted place alongside the massive monstrosities already available as very cool miniatures that any fantasy conoisseur will want to own, paint up or use on the battlefield. So when are these superb BaneLords available? Well, in similar fashion to our BaneBeasts releases we will release at least one BaneLord a month, from June onwards, with the first six BaneLords released on May 4th. However, on Saturday the 16th of April these first six will also take pride of place on our stand at Salute, that wonderful event that showcases all that is good and great in our amazing hobby and some more besides. We’ll be there amongst all the luminaries, feeling suitably starstruck, with attendant Maelstrom staff to bring you the latest BaneBeasts and the very first BaneLords, which you’ll be able to get your mitts on a full three weeks before their official release. How cool is that. (You’ll be able to pre-order them on our website from the 18th of April, to allow us to manage our stock for Salute).
To get everybody excited about Salute this year, at least when it comes to the BaneLegions anyway, we will reveal one of the six BaneLords that will be available at the event every Monday (in no particular order), beginning today and ending on the 4th of April, with possibly something special on the 11th of April, the Monday before the event. This should serve to ramp up the hype until your brain can no longer take it and you spontaneously combust in a Dead Space-like explosion of burnt flesh, hair, eyeballs and teeth. Well, hopefully not, but you may have to have a cup of tea and a sit down… We honestly believe these miniatures are some of the best out there because the concepts, designs and sculpts have been created by some of the finest craftsmen on the planet, and if those first six don’t take your fancy – well, there’s plenty more to come for a myriad of different races and types. We have our releases lined up well into 2012 and some of those really will take your breath away… Without further ado and waffle, our first BaneLord can be found below. Check out the BaneLegions website for more details on him.