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Maelstrom releases 2 new BaneLords

Maelstrom Games have released 2 new BaneLord models.

From their announcement:

It’s BaneLords day today, and what better way to start such a day than with a blood-sucking nightmare? Viktor cel Rau, a nasty implement of vampirism and no mistake, is brought to you by the greatly talented hands of Stefan Kopinski and Rémy Tremblay, fine fellows indeed. Enjoy!

The second of our BaneLords to be unveiled on this, the first Monday of October, is a mighty beast-man that encompasses all the foulness a Gabrax could be and more. Amazingly realised by the superb Stefan Kopinski and the brilliant Benoît Cosse, Daachuch really does look like a mean mother funster that’s not only been there, done that and sent some postcards, he’s probably written the rulebook about how to do so and then gone on to sell a bazillion copies of said rulebook. Those tusks? He’s probably ripped them off what grew those, while it was still alive, and then made the banner out of its face. If Ross Kemp were a Gabrax, he’d be the one everybody picks on in Daachuch’s gang, etc. etc.

Look, he’s well hard, all right?