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Maelstrom release painted pics of Euryalia Queen of Ker-Ys

Maelstrom Games have posted photos of a painted versions of the Euryalia Queen of Ker-Ys figure. Photos may be NSFW. From their announcement:
Phew! What a whirlwind the weekend of Salute 2011 was. We’re still recovering from it all to be honest, not least because of the travelling… but we’re probably still tired from all the beer we consumed. Regardless, the event itself was a day to remember as it was our first Salute show as a trader, and we were humbly astonished by the amount of people coming to see our beautiful miniatures, buying them, taking pictures of them and asking so many questions about them. We managed to have a good look around ourselves and, as ever, it’s a brilliant showcase for this incredible hobby of ours. We’ll be there next year. On the Sunday we motored on down to the South Coast GT in Portsmouth to again show off our miniatures, but this time to one of the largest tournaments on the calendar. Thanks must go to the Pompey boys for their hospitality. More thanks must of course go to the Salute 2011 team, all of our staff who worked so hard over the weekend, the superb Stefan Kopinski – who joined us on our stand at Salute to show off his amazing concept art and answer many questions from inquiring showgoers – and the simply immense (in every sense of the word) Ben Komets, who brought the lovely painted Euryalia with him from Germany. You can see the fruits of his labours below, and – to be frank – we think this is Ben’s best work for us yet.