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Maelstrom preview painted Oacyning

OácyningMaelstrom Games have posted photos of a painted sample of their Oácyning miniature. From their announcement: What a lovely man Sebastien Picque is, because this week the painted version of Oácyning landed at The Eye of the Storm and we were quite awestruck. Wood is not so easy to paint, especially dark wood, and Sebastien has pulled it off magnificently, as has our Stubert with the photographarising. The contrasting areas of the bark, the exposed heartwood on the right palm, knees and elsewhere, give it great contrast and the ancient menhir in his chest gives him an otherwordly, ancient feel which – with the glowing rune and eyes – ensures there is something menacing about him, something that makes you uneasy. You can see on the pictures below that Aragorn has really worked on Oácyning’s back, and in fact in the kit you will have extra (smaller) branches for you to add to him to your heart’s content. The larger branches curling up and around Oácyning’s back that you can see here are an homage to real trees, to oaks that aren’t simply a trunk on legs; there is nothing worse than a treeman that looks like a peperami, and we feel our original intention – to make a treeman that is not comedic – has been achieved, and then some. All hail Aragorn Marks and Sebastien Picque! Head on over to the Maelstrom Games webstore to grab him when the 20% discount on BaneLegions products is still in force – it ends on Monday!