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Maelstrom preview Kaastaruk of the Tarvax

Maelstrom Games have posted a preview of a new BaneLord release - Kaastaruk of the Tarvax. Kaastaruk of the Tarvax From their announcement:
Kaastaruk is marked well in the tales of the Tarvax for he is a skull-bearer, a carrier of his Tain’s kill-trophy and always at the forefront of battle, roaring his hatred of the weakling scions of man as he slaughters them with broad strokes of his ax, a violent symbol of the power inherent in the black armour and white eye of Baalor. Like all Tarvax, Kaastaruk is a loathsome joining of bull and man with the worst qualities of both, a foul temperament and even fouler intent, a bellowing murderer with a rage none can match, and his presence amongst the armies of Baalor inspires such beasts to even greater fury, providing a powerful, savage edge in the further subjugation of the lands the Destroyer does not already rule. Kaastaruk and Baalor’s other abominations, his other degenerate hybrids that issue from Fomor and beast, his insults to Danu herself, are already all but unstoppable – and his work is not done yet.