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Maelstrom preview Galagaak, Ox-Gore of the Darkwald

Maelstrom Games have previewed a new figure in their Banelords range of fantasy miniatures.

Galagaak, Ox-Gore of the Darkwald

From their announcement:
This week we have revealed something special for the BaneLegions in the somewhat more compact shape of our very first BaneLords, but today we have something even specialler (is that a word? it is now) for our monstrous miniatures range, the BaneBeasts; Galagaak, Ox-Gore of the Darkwald.

Galagaak is a reworking of our original concept of a mighty Ox-Gore, brilliantly visualised by Stefan Kopinski (as always). A many-limbed monstrosity that can rend lesser beings limb from limb or, more simply, bludgeon them to death instead, he’s a hugely muscled freight train of fur, tooth and hoof with four nasty weapons to boot. If he asks you the way to Droitwich, be sure to tell him politely.