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Maelstrom posts statement regarding Battlefront Miniatures

Maelstrom Games have posted a public response to Battlefront Miniatures' recent decision (PDF link) to remove them as a retailer. From their announcement:
Unfortunately, this week we have some very bad news for 15mm World War II wargamers. Battlefront Miniatures of New Zealand have decided to drop Maelstrom Games as a retailer and so, accordingly, we cannot obtain Flames of War, Gale Force Nine or Wargames Illustrated to retail to the wargaming public. A public statement written by our Managing Director, Rob Lane, in response to this decision by Battlefront Miniatures can be found within this news article, so read on. Rob Lane Managing Director, Maelstrom Games Ltd 25th February 2011
I have written a statement regarding the decision by Battlefront Miniatures to cease trading with Maelstrom Games. Needless to say, this was a bit of a shock on Thursday morning when I found out and I feel it is necessary to respond to the mounting speculation on the internet regarding their decision. Let me reassure you all that I feel we have done absolutely nothing wrong in terms of any law or any contract we have signed, and that we feel we have been treated quite unfairly. You can download the statement here. It is in Adobe PDF format, a reader for which you can download from for free. Firstly, I make no apologies for the length of this statement. It's a statement of how I personally feel about the situation we find ourselves in and how Maelstrom Games as a company conducts itself. We do try to keep all the problems and annoyances with suppliers and manufacturers to ourselves, simply because it is the professional thing to do and because our customers come first - we swallow it so they don't have to worry. That being said, I feel that in this instance the customer needs to know what has happened to understand how this situation has occurred and to ensure Maelstrom Games' good name does not become sullied by speculation. We believe that we have been completely honourable in all of our trading with Battlefront Miniatures and have tried to do business with them honourably. I hope you will all read this statement without any prejudice to either party and come to your own decisions as to what has happened. Let me reassure our customers that this will not affect Maelstrom Games' health as a company and we will continue to grow and offer more and more excellent wargaming product in 2011.