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Maelstrom post painted Kaastaruk pictures

Maelstrom Games have posted photos of a painted sample of their Kaastaruk BaneLord miniature. painted Kaastaruk From their announcement:
Here at BaneLegions Towers we are quite often amazed by the artistry shown by the sculptors, painters and artists we use for our miniatures but it is true to say that when we saw Sébastien Picque’s work on our latest BaneLord – Kaastaruk, Skull-Bearer of the Tarvax – our jaws simply dropped, which meant we looked like dribbling fools for a time. Well, more so than usual, anyway. Regardless of our reaction, we believe you will be stunned by his amazing paintjob too, for no other reaction could do it justice. There are so many details that we could talk about – from the bloody maw to the glowing runes to the grubby standard – and every time we look at it, we find more. That’s a good indication of how good Benoît Cosse’s sculpt is, too, for Sébastien is only painting what is there. Following on from that, Benoît is only sculpting what Stefan Kopinski drew on the concept art. So backslaps all round, artisty people. Of course, the Baalor glyph on the standard looks (intentionally) exactly like a dirty great Tarvax has used his fat, stubby sausage fingers to daub it on. That’s exactly what happened, you see… Enough from us. Have a look at some miniature loveliness.