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Maelstrom Games Previews Krull, Servile Lord of Dis

Maelstrom Games previews Krull, Servile Lord of Dis

From their announcement:

A year ago – well, almost a year ago – we unveiled Daniel Cockersell’s simply superb masterwork, The Terror of Fortriu, perhaps the greatest of our BaneBeasts still, to an unsuspecting world. Since then, he has been hard at work for us on a miniature that, quite unbelievably, surpasses that incredible Chimaera – Krull, Servile Lord of Dis.

Conceptualised by ourselves, drawn by Stefan Kopinski and sculpted to within an inch of its life by Dan, please find some words to express just how you feel about Krull, because we find it increasingly hard to do so…

Please bear in mind that these are shots of the master miniature itself and not unpainted, bare resin casts of Krull; we will post images of him in that format (and in scale to Guillaume le Pèlerin, of course) over the coming weeks. Our great friend Ben Komets, who painted the Chimaera, will be applying paint to Krull over the next month or so, but there are no deadlines here: Krull will be his masterwork of 2011, just like the Chimaera was last year.

Also bear in mind that the dimensions given above are approximate – all you need to know is that he is huge, and a human-sized miniature comes to his knee or thereabouts. He is, quite simply, enormous.

Krull is available to pre-order right now from the Maelstrom Games webstore and we think he’s a bargain at £99.99. His official release date is the 3rd of December – cunningly, just before Christmas, so why not grab him as a present if not for yourself? He (or she) won’t get a better one this year…!