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Maelstrom Games preview new BaneBeast - Flint-Fang

Maelstrom Games have posted a preview of the latest figure in their BaneBeast range - Flint-Fang. Flint-Fang From their announcement:
The meat-melders of the Under-Vermin, chained to their flesh-slabs and their slice-knives and driven to produce ever more terrifying beasts of war for their masters, have surpassed even their own depraved expectations with Flint-Fang. Destined to be one of the Kill-Things, one of those murderous beasts that are unleashed upon the enemies of their warlords for both sport and war, Flint-Fang is a terrifying blend of verminous flesh built for strength and ferocity, grown to many times its original size and driven to insanity and bloodlust by its goader-cagers. Chained in a dank, filthy cave within the Infernal Pits that can barely contain its bulk and starved before it is released into battle, Flint-Fang is both a pet and a fortune to Blunt-Claw, the warlord that owns it, for the terrifying spectacle of the Blood-Pit is dominated by the savage fury of his beast and few other warlords dare to challenge his supremacy with Kill-Things of their own – for, even apart from the Blood-Pit and their owner’s reputations, the Kill-Things are needed, ever needed, by the armies of the Great Vermin in his wars against the above-men, and Flint-Fang will bring them death and carnage as they have never seen before.