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Maelstrom Games preview new BaneBeast, Conjunct XIII

Maelstrom Games have posted a preview of their new BaneBeast release, Conjunct XIII. Conjunct XIII From their announcement:
The madness that lies within the minds of the Ysians, and in particular their physicians, can be readily seen in the bizarre form of Conjunct XIII. This grotesque vivicoct of krokodile, wyrm, jötunn and an as-yet unidentified creature has proved to be a savage, ignoble brute, capable of smashing shieldwalls apart by sheer force and destroying much larger enemies due simply to its ferocity. Such is Conjunct XIII’s reputation, despite its obvious locomotive limitations, that few levies will stand upon sighting it and most shudder at facing such an unnatural creature, a wrong-beast that simply should not exist, something that the Ysians are exploiting further with more living concoctions, more insane creatures stitched together for use in their man-starved armies. These take many and extraordinary form, joined by methods abhorred by the sane to create beasts that crawl or walk or fly from the newly-dead or the living; for Conjunct XIII, by its very name, is but one of many, and although it is the most infamous of all the Ysian’s vivicocts it is certainly not the only preternatural creature in their armoury.