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Maelstrom Games now taking pre-orders for Tundaar, Skull-Bearer of Baalor

Maelstrom Games has started taking pre-orders for their latest BaneLegions model: Tundaar, Skull-bearer of Baalor.

From the website:

Stefan Kopinski, of course, should not go un-mentioned: it is he that conjured Tundaar’s character, who produced the evil sneer on Tundaar’s face and the amazing posture of a warrior that looks like he wouldn’t be very good company on a night out and would, like as not, spike your drink with something nasty for kicks.

Tundaar can be pre-ordered from the Maelstrom Games webstore right now, with his official release date – i.e., the day he’ll be physically available – being the 8th of September.