Maelstrom Games launch Templar’s Forge

By tgn_admin
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Jun 24th, 2011

Maelstrom Games have released the first products in their Templar’s Forge gaming accessories range.

Steampunk Fantasy accessories

From their announcement:

In development for well over a year, in production for a fair while less than that and in the final stages of release for far too long, Maelstrom Games’ very own hobby and accessories range – Templar’s Forge – has finally borne its first fruit, in the rather eclectic shape of three ranges of templates for Fantasy, Steam Fantasy and World War II 1/100th scale wargaming and even our own Maelstrom dice.

Yes, you read that right – our very own range of hobby and accessory products. Our aim is simple: to create high quality accessories and hobby products for the discerning wargamer, be they bases, templates, counters, dice, movement trays, objective markers, scenery… and who knows what else. Whatever we think that will improve your life as a wargamer, really. We have major plans, so watch this space – there should be releases every month.

The first products we have for you are a range of Fantasy, Steam Fantasy and World War II 1/100th Scale templates to ensure your wargames can run smoothly and without argument, for they are incredibly accurate and lovingly designed by wargamers for wargamers. They’re eminently useful and innovative as well as being very nice to look at and, further, some of these templates have never been seen in any form anywhere in the world, so you are now looking at some pretty unique stuff to enhance your wargaming experience (I think we may have to trademark that phrase…).

As stated earlier in this missive, there’s plenty more to come. In July we’ll have our first World War II 1/100 Scale objective markers that will cover the early war period for the British, the French, the Germans (both in France and Poland) and the Polish. Later on in the year there will be some Steam Fantasy objective markers and buildings, more templates, counters, markers and so forth and – to be blunt – lots of other fantastically cool stuff.

Suffice to say, your wargaming life has just been improved. Watch out for more updates over the next few weeks.

  • Ordok

    Add some Manga Future Combat and 1/100 ancient and medieval combat templates and I’ll buy them on a spot.

  • blackfang

    I love that the “steam” set includes a 4″ template.

    There’s a couple of designs in there that are pretty close to being copies of GF9 tho :\

  • So, Maelstrom are joining GF9, Litko and many others in selling templates for games someone else has designed.

    If I ran GW, PP or Battlefront would I be happy? No!

    However the terrain sounds interesting.

    • blackfang

      Bttlefront owns GF9, so they probably don’t mind 😛

  • Mooniac

    GF9/Battlefront’s own templates for FoW are not accurate (they are made for metric, but also printed with inches!). There would be a market for replacements.
    Other companies may not like competition for their templates, but there isn’t really anything they can do about it without being silly.
    The silver lining here is that the companies will have to compete on quality and service (to the customer and LGS) to win business. That’s good for everyone.

  • I know that theres only so many ways to make a template, but some are just straight copies of existing designs. Not similar, just a straight up copy. I like a lot of the stuff, and will probably buy quite a few of them. Are the GF9 designs copyrighted? Are they in a licensing deal with GF9?

  • PaleKing

    In development for well over a year“?! It’s a couple of simple copied templates!. “some of these templates have never been seen in any form anywhere in the world, so you are now looking at some pretty unique stuff to enhance your wargaming experience”

    Jeez – talk about hamming it up…

    • Zac

      These are the first of their releases. They have other templates on the way and some already for pre-order on their website

      Jeez – talk about hamming it up…

      Its called marketing 😉

  • PaleKing

    “Its called marketing ;-)”

    or hyperbole.

    • Zac

      Point made. You don’t like it. We get it. Time to move on to a topic that doesn’t annoy you so much.

  • Yotebeth

    I run Advanced Deployment, and we’ve got some similar designs that have been out for a while. Like people point out, there are only so many ways to make a 4″ ring.
    I can’t say anything about anyone but us, but as gamers a lot of our ideas literally come from stopping int he middle of the gaming and going “Oh man, wouldn’t it be great if we had X?”

    Assuming other companies also play these games, its inevitable that we’re going to stumble on some of the same ideas.

    And hey, competition is good for gamers right?

    • blackfang

      I’m a big fan of Maelstrom and a regular customer. But there’s no way the WW2 range template is anything but the GF9 T.A.C., traced line for line. You just flipped the finger hole. Don’t tell me you got the idea independently.

      • blackfang

        As a follow-up, here’s a company that also took the same idea but at least had the decency to come up with their own design

        • Zac

          I like Micro Art but that looks unusable.

          Its original but I wouldn’t use it. Lets not cherry-pick single examples from a range and heap critique on them for it.

          There are a limited number of ways to produce templates that provide similar in-game uses.

      • Zac

        If the idea isn’t covered by copyright or patent then there is nothing stopping a company from using a similar design.

  • PaleKing,

    “In development for well over a year“?! It’s a couple of simple copied templates!

    I take issue with that – there are 29 different Template Sets in our (current) range, with 30+ different designs and around 10 unique designs. Perhaps you’ve not seen beyond your own hyperbole to have a look at the full range.

    Regardless, thanks for the comments guys, constructive ones are always welcome.

    • Zac

      Perhaps you’ve not seen beyond your own hyperbole to have a look at the full range.

      I suspect that he is only looking at the one image supplied. It isn’t clear from the news item that there are quite a few items also on your online store.

      BTW I think that he is just being argumentative and not hyperbolic.