Maelstrom Games has 2 new BaneLegions previews

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 3rd, 2012

BaneLegions has a pair of new models available for pre-sale. We can’t show you either of them, because they’re naked women. Just sayin’ in case you’re at work and you’re checking ’em out.

The first is Tecass, Sword-Melusine Gigh-Bearer and the other is Esyld, Sword-Melusine Shreiker.

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  • blkdymnd

    This is going to be a game system, is that correct?

  • Mahrdol

    I hope not the torpedo tits chicks are nasty.

  • Darsc Zacal

    For a miniature line that started out with such promise with miniatures like the chimera, it’s very disappointing that with each new release they’re convincing me more and more that I am NOT their target customer.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    These are utterly horrid. If the sole point of the model is the boobs, there really is no excuse to sculpt them so poorly.