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Maelstrom Games Announces New BaneBeast Release

Maelstrom Games will unleash a new BaneBeast on the unsuspecting world, Creoda, Gúthwulf:

From their website:

It’s February, by jingo, and thus we must return to the supreme talents of Stefan Kopinski (currently beavering away for us on future majesties) and Allan Carrasco (sculpting said majesties at some point in the future), who have between them created something much more “graaaaghhhh!!!” than we could have ever hoped for from our necessarily simple concept. A wolf of war, Creoda will be found in the armies of Mercia, dealing death to the enemies of the Anglians.

There will be a lovely painted version in February at some point soon, but for now enjoy the unpainted images… and Creoda is available to pre-order right now from the Maelstrom Games webstore! His official release date is the 3rd of March. Look out for two new BaneLords on Monday!