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Maelstrom Games Announces BaneLegions Sale

Maelstrom Games Announces BaneLegions Sale:

From their announcement:

Over the past eighteen months, we believe that us lot here at BaneLegions have brought you some of the finest fantasy miniatures in the world in the somewhat mental shape of the BaneBeasts and BaneLords. Since it's almost Christmas and it is the season of goodwill, so 'tis said, we thought we'd celebrate all those superb miniatures we've created with you guys - by giving you all a simply whopping 25% off the UK recommended retail price for all BaneLegions products from today for the next ten days by shopping at the main Maelstrom Games webstore! How cool is that!

This 25% off UK RRP discount voucher ends on Monday the 21st of November 2011 at midnight (GMT) and it's a great chance to grab yourself December's releases - Krull, Maru, Ckaarakk and Eirik Longaxe - which are just around the corner; and just look at all those incredible BaneLords and BaneBeasts from the back catalogue. There's almost forty now, an amazing amount really, so there's plenty to choose from!

So how do I take advantage of this 25% sale, I hear you all cry? That's easy: simply register on the Maelstrom Games webstore, (if you haven't already), copy and paste the voucher code BANELEGIONS-XMAS into the appropriate field in your basket when you have selected the items you want, press 'REDEEM', and the webstore will do the rest. You are not limited to one purchase and, indeed, we would ask you to recommend us to your friends with this voucher! The voucher will work on pre-orders so the aforementioned December releases are covered and, crucially, you'll still earn Moneyback - although tiered discounts are disabled when using a voucher of course.

Remember though that this voucher is intended for the webstore only - it does not apply to any of our auctions or shop inventory items on eBay.

Have a very happy BaneLegions Christmas!