Mad Robot MIniatures has new Imperial Heads and Torsos

By Polar_Bear
In Modelling
May 18th, 2013

Mad Robot Miniatures has some new Imperial Heads and Torsos available over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Mad Robot Miniatures has released some new heads and torsos for your gaming pleasure.
These new items are available now in our webstore.

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  • 4tonmantis

    omg, they have done it again.. these guys rock!
    only thing I would like to see is another set that has pauldrons and a few medals/ribbons with 1 of the torsos either being a decorative breastplate or at least having all kinds of ribbons and medals and stuff..

  • The Mad Robot

    I’m working on an imperial officers set with 2 heads and 2 torsos, one with an armored chest plate and one with medals. As for pauldrons…those will be on the arms.

    • 4tonmantis

      awesome, hopefully the pauldrons cast alright and sit on the model.. one problem with them being on the arms is that it limits how you can pose the model.. which might not be a big deal if the default pose is pretty good anyway.

      will you ever consider a squad bundle type of deal?

  • The Mad Robot

    I’m working towards that, eventually I’d like to have a squad deal where you can mix and match the heads, torsos, arms, and legs for a special price.