Mad Ape Games is ready to Clash

Mad Ape Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Clash! Dawn of Steam, their new asymmetrical card game of city defense.


From the campaign:

In each game of CLASH! Dawn of Steam the players will either fight to tear a location to shreds one piece at a time, or stand up to protect it. Here are some highlights of the game that may pique your interest:

-Asymmetric game play. Meaning that within the game itself there are two different sides, each with its own separate win condition.

-Beautifully Illustrated Full-Art Cards. With a team of world class artists on board we opted to have our art on showcase, as such the card layouts feature the artwork proudly rather then hiding 80% of it behind filler design space.

-No randomized sets or packs. So you always know exactly what you’re getting. No chasing rares or useless commons.