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Macrocarid Explorators Available From Forge World

Even if you're a heavily-modified Mechanicum trooper or officer, walking your way across open terrain in battle is a great way to get yourself a one-way ticket to seeing the Emperor in the afterlife. As such, the Macrocarid Explorators were designed as a transport, command vehicle, and heavy weapons platform. Heavily armed and armored, this vehicle is a way to get you to the fracas in style.


As one would expect, you get various options for how you want to build your figure. There's extra weapons for the hull and sponsons, depending on if you want lascannons or irradiation engines or mauler bolt-cannons or graviton imploders. The choice is yours! The kit's also available alone or bundled with an Mechanicum Magos Dominus with Rad-Cleanser and a unit of four Mechanicum Scyllax Guardian-Automata.

Orders are being taken now with shipping to happen next week.