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M44 Online Beta 17

Days of Wonder have posted a new beta of the Memoir'44 online boardgame. From their announcement:
We are happy to report that we released the Beta 17 version of the software. Mediterranean Scenarios in Standard and Solo Modes. We were successful in implementing enough rules from the Mediterranean Theater to move four scenarios to the Standard and Solo modes: "Sidi Rezegh Airfield", "Dug in at Sidi Omar", "Escape via the Coastal Road" and "Panzers versus Grants". The last one features the "Capture HQ" special rule: if the Axis player succeeds in taking the Allies HQ, the Allies player will have to play with one less Command Card. As you will see, playing these scenarios will require you to adjust your Command style to this new Memoir '44 gaming experience. The North African Desert Rules, the British Commonwealth Forces command rules, etc. all conspire to subtly change the game. Welcome to the British contingent and their famous "Stiff Upper Lip".
Russian Commissar in Expert Mode In Expert Mode, you can now use the Russian Command Rules. When you create an Expert game, check the "Use Russian Commander Rules" check box in the Options panel. To play a Command Card, simply drag-and-drop it under the Russian Commissar token. The card that was under the token prior will be played automatically. French Version French players (there are many of you there) will be happy to see their favorite game in their language. Le passage au français est normalement automatique. Cependant, vous pouvez choisir votre langue en allant dans l'écran "Settings" ("Paramètres") et en redémarrant le jeu. N'hésitez pas à nous signaler tout problème de traduction qui aurait échappé à notre vigilance. Le site Web du jeu en ligne est maintenant en français lui aussi. Bienvenue . What's Coming Next? First of all a BIG DISCLAIMER: This is development Software, and what is worse, Beta Software. So while we believe what follows to be the most accurate description of our development plans and status as of this date, some things might still go wrong: as a result there could still be a difference between what we plan to do and hope to accomplish at any point in time, and what we will actually be able to deliver over the next few months, in terms of timing and features… We will keep implementing the special rules that are needed for the other Fronts. If everything goes fine, with each new version you will see more scenarios coming in the Expert mode first, then moving to the Standard and Solo modes. This is a long process, since each scenario usually features some special rules of its own, which all have to be specifically implemented. In the meantime, enjoy the current release and keep those reports coming. How to upgrade? It is very simple, just launch the game. After you log in, it will detect the new version and offer to download it. Make sure you do so. Then follow the instructions that appear on your screen. If you have problems, you can always go to and download the software again. Nothing will be lost, since all your profile is stored in your DoW Online account. Details of improvements and bug fixes:
  • New scenarios from Mediterranean Theater in Standard and Solo modes
  • Russian Commissar UI
  • French version
  • Create unit crashes on Windows
  • both player can end up on the same side
  • Moving units should work like moving obstacles
  • Paratroopers could drop the wrong type of troops
  • All players showed the Expert icon in their info area
  • Chat backspace erased 2 chars
  • Dice roll but phase is still Move
  • Red barricades factory had snipers figure count
  • Scenario labels were not displayed
  • British army officer insignias were wrong
  • Mistake in Russian lieutenant and captain insignias
  • Other various fixes