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Lusus Naturae: A Gruesome Old-School Bestiary up on Kickstarter

Lusus Naturae bills itself as an old-school bestiary for old-school RPG-ers. If that sounds like something for you, go check 'em out on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

A collection of nightmarish monsters for old-school role-playing games. Spiritual successor to the Teratic Tome. Not safe for anyone.

• Lusus Naturae is a horrific bestiary featuring 100 new monsters.
• A 6"x9" hardcover, approximately 160 pages long; features a durable binding and high-grade paper.
• Funding pays for artwork, printing, and shipping.
• Uses the Lamentations of the Flame Princess system (thus, it's compatible with many other old-school role-playing games).
• Stretch goal: full color interior artwork!