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Lurkio expand 15mm Sassanid range

Lurkio have added several new sets of figures to their 15mm Sassanid range. Elephants From their announcement:
Lurkio is proud to announce its first expansion to its 15mm Sassanid range. First of all the Elephants are finally ready. They have been incorporated into the FoG Starter Army and DBA army packs. They are also available as FoG battle group packs and as single elements.   The Armoured horse archer pack has been revised and split into 2 varieties. A command element is now included. With officer , standard bearer and attendant. The standard itself has been sized to fit with the LBM Sassanid 15mm banner sheet.  The archers themselves are now divided into a early and later period (pre and post byzantine influence). Basically the earlier is felt barding and decorated barding, later is the plainer felt barding and the ½ barding horses
A command pack is also available as a single element base. There is also a auxiliary cavalry pack (Dihqan and Sodgian etc). These are lancer types, in a Turkish style. The Levy infantry have had some larger shield added to the pack now. (incorporated into existing packs). The Cataphracts have now had a version with an enclosed mask (incorporated into existing packs)   All of the above are ready to order from the 3rd June. Ii will be attending Games Expo on Sat 4th Jun and will be able to take an pre orders with me   Not forgetting the Zoroastrian fire temple is now in stock and for sale.