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Luminous Echo: The Forgotten King Extended Campaign Book on Kickstarter

Just. One. More. Stretch. Goal!
That's how a lot of companies and backers feel about campaigns. It seems there's always just that one extra cool thing you want to add. Sometimes you make it there. Other times, you fall a bit short. But that doesn't mean you have to leave that out, entirely. For example, The Forgotten King was a chapter in Luminous Echo's original Kickstarter that didn't quite make it. So they're running a new campaign just for that. This time around, they've gotten to their goal.

From the campaign:

The Forgotten King chapter was the final stretch goal of the main campaign. Even though we fell short of unlocking it, the team has started developing it with full intention to include it in the final product. However, as we get close to the finishing the book, we had to put a hold on its development. It was clear that we could not spare the additional resources for the extended chapter without sacrificing the quality of the core book.

In the end, we turned to the community for their opinion. The majority of the community has encouraged us to run the extended campaign to raise the extra funds needed in order to add this chapter to the core book.

If the campaign is funded successfully, the extended chapter will contain over 20 pages of additional content on the Forgotten King as well as new illustrations for the core book.

The campaign has made it over that funding goal, so it's looking like that extended campaign is going to be added on. It's set to run for another 22 days.