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Ludus Magnus Studio's version of the Pied Piper

Ludus Magnus Studio is showing off the concept artwork for their Faun Musician they're working on for Nova Aetas.


From the preview:

Hi all! today we speak about the Main Campaign of Nova Aetas and we show you the concept art of the Faun Musician!

The adventure path starts from the events related to the famous war between the League of Cambrai and the Republic of Venice began in 1508. Through a long, non-linear, series of missions, the characters of your Free Company will be increasingly involved in the conflict.

Each mission will test the skills of your heroes facing challenges and choices always different, trying to accomplish the required objectives and, of course, survive.

In each game session the characters will be called to take choices that will affect the entire Campaign, that choice will determine which will be the next mission, making it ever different the path that every Free Company will face.

Stay Tuned!