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Ludus Magnus Studios Running Sine Tempore Kickstarter

Obviously, it's good when a Kickstarter campaign gets off to a good start. Companies hope to have that initial jump right at the gate to hopefully get some good press going about the project. Well, Ludus Magnus Studios' newest game, Sine Tempore, got off to a good start. They funded in 34min. and are working their way through stretch goals.

From the campaign:
34 Minutes and firsts SG unlocked!!!! You guys are awesome! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the campaign and we’re already seeing the fruits of your labour! We’ve reached the $67,000 peek in record time!

Now with Luperco you have 6 Heroes from which to choose for your Sine Tempore missions. Luperco, who is a Biologist on a spacecraft that has just landed on a hostile planet, may turn out to be very useful in a number of ways. His skills are divided into two different specialisations: his skills as a geneticist allow him to influence the behaviour of Enemies and support allies, supplying toxins specifically designed to harm certain types of Enemies. The Xeno-N specialisation on the other hand, will give Luperco decidedly more aggressive skills, improving his ability to launch grenades or unleash very dangerous parasites on the unfortunate Enemies. Luperco’s three equipment items include the Bioscanner, perfect for escaping ambushes and foreseeing the arrival of the enemies, his trusted Grenades and his Bio-suit, which protects him against an array of negative statuses.