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Ludus Magnus Studios Previews Nova Aetas: Under Siege Expansion

The folks at Ludus Magnus Studios have been a little silent lately. Apparently, they had a really good reason for that: their offices got broken into and all their stuff was stolen! So they were waiting to get replacement computers and such. Thankfully, it seems all their files had backups elsewhere, so nothing was lost development-wise. So that was a bit harrowing. They're now set up in a new office and are happy to preview the new Nova Aetas expansion, Under Siege.

From the announcement:

We're breaking the silence to unveil one of the two new groups you'll meet during this epic campaign, which will drag you into the heart of the battle during the terrible and bloody siege, written into the history books as the Sack of Rome. The brutal Lansquenete led by Georg Von Frundsberg are determined to bring the papacy to its knees once and for all. Will you play the part of the saviors of Rome or wear the black hood of the executioners?