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Ludus Magnus Studio show WIP for Nova Aetas Tokens

Ludus Magnus Studio is showing off previews for the tokens they're working on for Nova Aetas.



From the preview:

Hello everyone! The work on the graphic part of Nova Aetas proceeds intensely and today we are happy to show you the study we are doing on tokens of the game. We discussed a lot about the role that the tokens will have in the game and on their functioning, in particular with regard the negative and positive status. The outcome of the discussions was the division into 3 categories immediately distinguishable from their frames: wounds (beige frame), negative status (dark red frame) and positive status (blue frame). We think that this division in colors will allow you to more easily identify the right tokens during the game. When we will complete the work on status, there will be no less than 20 different tokens! yes ... we love tokens!

As usual we wait for yours feedback!

Stay tuned!