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Ludus Magnus Studio Reboot for Nova Aetas Kickstarter

Ludus Magnus Studio did a mid-campaign reboot for their Nova Aetas Kickstarter. They've not started entirely over, but had a bit of a reconfigure.


From the campaign:

Hi everyone
As always we are careful to your tips so we decided to reboot the project on way.
The project will be renew in three points:

- Emperor level relaunch -
We will reopen the $125 Emperor pledge level, this will allow to all of you to migrate from your pledge to one more convenient.

- Streatch goals -
All streatch goals are redrawn according to the new pledge level to be more functional.

- Add-on -
Some add-on will be added to the market as resin miniatures and new scenarios.

Tomorrow november 26 2014 hours 09:00 ET will be updated all the news.

We are working hard to introduce the beta rules as soon as possible, meanwhile we will continue the update dedicated to the game mechanics, in order to provide the preview of rules.

As always, we will be happy to answer your questions.

See you soon.