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Ludus Magnus Studio previews new render and game modes for Nova Aetas

Ludus Magnus Studio has posted up a bit about the modes of play for their Nova Aetas game they're working on as well as some new concept art for the Slavic Mercenary.


From them to you:

Nova Aetas - Dark Renaissance Tactical Game

Game Modes

Nova Aetas has been designed to offer high playability and longevity, so there are three different game modes: Solo, Group or Duel.

Solo Mode - Challenge the game relying only on your own strength, control up to three characters struggling against the AI (artificial intelligence) of the game.

Group Mode - Play in a party with your friends, venture into the events narrated by the main campaign or take the challenges of the missions.

Duel Mode - Challenge your friends to a duel in a clash between six characters, choose the battleground between battlefields and arenas specifically designed to build up your Glory.

Stay tuned!