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Ludus Magnus Studio Present new concept art for the Church faction and reveal new details for the cooperative game mode

Ludus Magnus Studio is showing off some more Church-y artwork as well as telling us about the Cooperative Game Mode for Nova Aetas.


From them to you:

The enemies in Nova Aetas are managed by an artificial intelligence (AI), that let you play in cooperative mode, and solo mode, against the game.

During the encounters each enemy pursues its own goal, which may change at each event, against which the heroes must act to complete their mission.

Nova Aetas integrates a system that simulates the AI based on two fundamental factors:

The first discriminant, that every opponent will have in the mission, is "the goal" that will influence the behavior of enemies as long as the characters do not become too dangerous.

The second one is the "aggressiveness" that the playing characters will provoke to the enemies and that will hamper and will distract them from their main objectives.

Stey tuned...

More we introduce you the second concept for the Church...the eminent Giles of Viterbo (in italian Egidio da Viterbo)!

Philosopher, scholar of arcane sciences (Know your enemy!) and
member of the Order of Augustinian, Giles is one of the men in which the Pope puts much more confidence to entrust delicate diplomatic missions...