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Ludus Magnus Studio introduce the setting of Nova Aetas and a new charachter: the Gypsy

Ludus Magnus Studio has posted up some more information about their Nova Aetas game setting. they're also showing off some preview artwork and 3D sculpts for the Gypsy.


From the preview:

Nova Aetas - Dark Renaissance Tactical Game

The Setting
Nova Aetas has set the hard goal to be original in many ways, first of all in the setting.

The world of Nova Aetas has its roots in an alternative Italian Renaissance, where Middle Ages stories - rediscovered through the study of classical civilizations - are considered to be real, like the fauns inhabiting the woods, as well as Cyclops, Witches and even Chimeras.

The whole environment is built on the right fusion between history and legend.

With a talented team of writers, who have already published books for various Editors, we will offer stories that will help you enter the world of Nova Aetas.

Stay tuned…