Ludus Magnus Studio Announces Black Rose Wars

Ludus Magnus Studio has been working on a new board game designed to introduce players into their Nova Aetas realm. The game will pit players against their foes as they look to become the new Magister by competing in powerful mage battles, looking to prove that they are the ones best-suited to hold the title and learn all of the hidden, secret knowledge. The game will be coming to Kickstarter on April 26th.

About the game:

Black Rose Wars is a board game that will guide you into the world of Nova Aetas. The Black Rose lodge meets to determine who will be the new Magister, the keeper of forgotten magic. The most powerful mages affiliated with the lodge will confront each other in a series of epic and captivating battles, exploiting the arcane powers in their possession. The event, which determines the destiny of the lodge every ten years, will be hosted in the rooms of the Black Rose manor.