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LudiCreations launches [redacted] Kickstarter

LudiCreations has launched their Kickstarter campaign for , their spy board game of intrigue, secrecy, and subterfuge.



From the campaign:

In the 45-60 minutes of , each player must take actions, use items, and interact with other players while in the hunt for intel. Each agent has one or more partners, and must find them - while outwitting the enemy agents.

On a player's turn, an agent may move from room to room of an embassy, while a gala reception is taking place, looking for the intel that the ambassador is trying to sell. Once found, it must be extracted safely. Failing that, an agent must stop the enemy from doing the same.

For security reasons, the true loyalty of each player is hidden, even from their teammate. Players will have to obtain information the hard way, interrogating or hacking each other, in addition to using items and their surroundings to gain the upper hand.