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LPJ Design's Obsidian Apocalypse Kickstarter Project is now Live

LPJ Design has a Kickstarter project up and running to fund Obsidian Apocalypse, a campaign template for Pathfinder.

From the campaign:

Obsidian Apocalypse Kickstarter project is now up and live!!! Come and show your support of the original post-apocalyptic survival horror table top RPG campaign setting for the Pathfinder RPG! Don't forget, Obsidian Apocalypse is written by:

• James ‘Grim’ Desborough (Obsidian Twilight)
• Robert “Bob” E Drouin (Paizo RPG Superstar contestant)
• Richard Pett (Pathfinder Adventure Path)
• Owen K.C. Stephens (D20 Star Wars, Gamma World, The Wheel of Time)
• Plus many more…

We can't do this without your support!