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Loxos Pezikou, Greek forces for Flames of War

Loxos Pezikou now have some unofficial rules for Flames of War. Check 'em out, though it's all Greek to me (no, really, the website's in Greek).

From the update:

Hello from Greece,
Our Team finished our new Unofficial Flames of war Intelligence Briefing "Loxos Pezikou" for the infantry companies of the Greek Army who fought during the Greek-Italian war of 1940, with the correct composition.
The Greek Army Lists included in the Burning Empires book concerns only the 19th motorized division who fought only in the Greek-German war of 1941. This Briefing can be used throughout the Greek infantry during 1940-41 except the 19th motorized division and units in the strongholds of the Metaxas Line.
This Briefing is unofficial and uses the official lists in the Burning Empires book and is in beta.