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Low Life Miniatures Kickstarter in final 3 days

Low Life Miniatueres has less than 72 hours left on their Kickstarter. They've done phenomenal, getting 10x what they were looking for, but there's always higher they can go.

From the campaign:

Mutha Oith Creations has a kickstarter to release a line of miniatures for their Low Life RPG setting, a wonderfully weird post apocalyptic world where devolved humans, cockroaches and sentient snack cakes battle with sword and sorcery. Low Life uses the award winning Savage Worlds gaming system. The art is simply amazing, and definitely sold me on this project.

So far, their "Croach with the Moach" package contains 43 miniatures, with many more stretch goals right around the corner, including some truly huge figures, such as the tenemental pictured below. Sculpts are being done by Jason Weibe, Arun Nagar and Alessio Cisbani. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, check it out!