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Lovecraft Nightmares: Kickstarter Campaign - Re-Start

Kabuki Models re-checked the stars to make sure they were right and have re-launched their Lovecraft Nightmares Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

An investigator sent by the unfaithfuls tried to boycott our Lovecraft Nightmares campaign, but we spot him and offered to the Great Ancient One!!!
His blood pleased the Great Cthulhu and now we're ready to re-start our crowd-funding, this time the goal is only 9000 $ (versus the 40000 of the previous campaign) so there are no doubts that your pledge will materialize in an asweome idol or whatever you backed!
There are also new and terrific pledge levels!

P.S.: for all the backers of the previous campaign, if you pledge again you will receive IMMEDIATELY a free "Dark Art" digital artbook.
The Great Cthulhu doesn't forget his most loyal servants!