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Lost Valley Survivors at Saber's Edge

Lost Valley SurvivorsSaber's Edge are now selling PDF copies of the Lost Valley Survivors supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombie rules from AB One Games. From their announcement:
Lost Valley Survivors. A supplement for AB One Games Pike & Shot & Zombies The Lost Valley Survivors is the second gaming supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombie rules and contains six new linked missions, new event cards, new armour and weapons - and lots of new zombie types to try them out on. The Lost Valley is set in a post-apocalyptic Renaissance world where rational thought and burgeoning scientific practice is being dragged back to a darker world of fear and suspicion and of course the terrifying undead plague. Since the coming of the plague, the survivors yearn for peace and time spent away from the constant threat of der Auferstandene. The greatest menace comes from the "plague city", that deadweight of evil that burdens the living struggling to survive. Many believe that if they could only escape this land and its malevolent influence they could find peace. Constant patrols are sent out into the wider countryside, always in the hope of finding a land untainted. Dangerous and gruelling though this work is, it must be continued.
A recent patrol has returned with news of a secluded valley. Quiet, unoccupied and ready for settlement, this could provide a new home for those wishing to escape. Within a few short weeks, a powerful expeditionary force has been mobilized and sets out to find this land, a land that promises peace and freedom and hope. Could this hidden valley provide shelter and a measure of protection from the harsh realities of the outside world. If this place has managed so far to escape this deadly plague, could it not hold out still further if properly organized and defended? Only brave and dedicated survivors need apply for this mission, the risks are sure to be great but surely the rewards will be even greater. $5 USD - PDF