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Lost Hemisphere Radio episode 34: GenCon Debriefing

Episode 34 of the Lost Hemisphere Radio podcast contains more news and information from GenCon 2011. From their announcement:
Know what makes for a fascinating episode of Lost Hemisphere Radio? Listening to two guys who didn’t even attend, talk about it for an hour or two. Bugger that! We were lucky enough to have three roving reporters at GenCon 2011, so I think it’s only fair that we let them do most of the natterings! As we break all of our normal rules about the number of guests, please welcome back to Lost Hemisphere Radio Boots, Lonelymonk, and we’ll toss in Faultie as seasoning. He’s a little like oregano. Join the lads for our largest cast ever as we hit up the Privateer Press experience at GenCon 2011 through the eyes of our team or wandering minstrels