Lost Hemisphere Radio episode 14: Legion of Everblight

Episode 14 of the Lost Hemisphere Radio podcast looks at the recently released Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight book.

From their announcement:

What’s the best way to celebrate the release of Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight? Why, sitting down and listening to over two hours of MenothJohn, Gdaybloke, and their special guest going over new models and theme forces.

Join us as we revel in the niftiness that is the latest Hordes Mk II release, including much discourse on what’s possibly the most innovative warlock in the game to date. Can Gdaybloke be bullied into making a Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys list? Can MenothJohn find some real beer to drink? Can our guest survive all these shenanigans?? Oh, the humanity.

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