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Lost Hemisphere Radio ep45: Templecon 2012

Lost Hemisphere posts Episode 45, about TempleCon 2012.

From their announcement:

As we move into the last few days before Christmas, right before the kids are all out of school to bug their parents for the holidays, snow for those up North and of course, balmy summer days for those Down Under, I’m reminded of one thing… Templecon’s just around the corner! Time to stop being all wishy-washy with faction preferences, time to lock in lists and cram in as much practice as you can before the Lost crew invade our adopted “home” convention.

For this episode of Lost Hemisphere Radio, our intrepid hosts brave the fury of the man known only as Hacksaw* to get the skinny on the tournament formats at Templecon, a rundown of what sort of goodies await those who participate, and to generally natter with one of the driving forces behind Steamroller 2012. Join us for the natterings by tracking us down on iTunes (leave us a review!).