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Lost Hemisphere posts Unboxing and Review of Level 7 [Omega Protocol]

Lost Hemisphere unboxes and reviews the latest board game from Privateer Press as part of their Level 7 series.


From the post:

After working up an appetite clambering through the ductwork of Subterra Bravo in Level 7 , it's time to enact a little revenge on the little grey sods who've made your life heck. Grab your assault rifle and a few buddies - it's time to chew butt and kick bubblegum.

Level 7 is the next chapter in Privateer Press' Level 7 series. Releasing this month, the new game sends the players back into Subterra Bravo with the members of Disco Team, a squad of five specialist commandos with a mandate to enact a little extreme prejudice.

After unboxing and getting some table time in, the Lost Hemisphere lads have some words to share and a bunch of pictures to show you...