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LORE (Light-On-Rules-Engine) Indiegogo campaign going on now

Stone Soup Entertainments and a campaign for LORE, the Light-On-Rules-Engine RPG, up on Indiegogo now and looking for some funding love.



From the campaign:

The Light-On-Rules-Engine is a quick and simple tabletop gaming experience designed to allow for limitless customization and endless hours of unique game play. For the last year, we at Stone Soup Entertainments, LLC have been creating the bare minimum of rules needed so that the game can be picked up and played by both veteran and first time role players. The final result has been a game system that can be molded to any type of game world or quickly adapted to a game world that you have already established. This last year has seen the company Stone Soup Entertainments, LLC become a hard earned reality so that we would be able to construct a viable "launch pad for dreams." Overcoming what obstacles we have come across, we have been able to construct our first product that we wish to launch into the gaming community. We are actually 90% of the way to completing our launch, but this last stretch is so important that we are going to need the help of the community now more than ever.